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  Ms. Arlene M. Diaz, Executive Director 305-995-2385
North Region, Data Systems Ms. Yillian Exposito, ERP Analyst 305-995-7019
South Region, Vocational Mr. Julio C. Montiel, Certification Officer 305-995-7722
Central Region, Athletic Coaching Ms. Joanna Sanchez, Certification Officer 305-995-7202
Charter School/Non-School Site Ms. Rubye L. Howard, Certification Officer 305-995-7203
Renewals, Add-ons Mr. Jose F. Garcia, Certification Officer 305-995-7075
  Mr. Benjamin L. Cooper, IV, Personnel Assistant 305-995-2798
  Ms. Idania Gonzalez, Personnel Assistant 305-995-2385

  Ms. Tobi Jean-Jacques, Transcripts Specialist 305-995-7181
  Ms. Dayana Perez, Accounting Specialist 305-995-2775

Office of Instructional Certification
1450 NE 2nd Ave, Suite 260
Miami, Florida 33132
305-995-7200 - Fax: 305-995-7057

Center for Professional Learning (Professional Development)

Florida Department of Education/Bureau of Educator Certification
Online Application Technical Support –
General certification questions: 1-800-445-6739 or


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