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Athletic Coaching Certification

As per Florida Statute 1012.55(2), each person who is employed and renders service as an Athletic Coach in any public school in any district of this state shall hold a valid Temporary or Professional certificate or an Athletic Coaching certificate.
If you do not hold a valid Temporary or Professional certificates issued by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)/Bureau of Educator Certification (BEC), then you must apply for the Athletic Coaching certificate. 
There are two types of Athletic Coaching Certificates, the 3-year non-renewable and one-time only and the 5-year non-renewable.

3-year Athletic Coaching Certificate (non-renewable and one-time only)

  • Apply and pay online at  
  • Submit any documents requested by BEC.
    ***Application will not be processed until all items are received by BEC***

Once the application is processed, BEC will issue an Official Statement of Status of Eligibility (SOE) which outlines the requirements to complete for the 3-year Athletic Coaching Certificate. Those requirements may include the following:

  • Employment verification
  • Results of fingerprints processing from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI. (Fingerprints cannot be older than a year)

Once the employment verification and the cleared fingerprints results have been received at BEC, the non-renewable and one-time only 3-year Athletic Coaching certificate will be issued.  For employment process, please contact the Athletic Director or the M-DCPS/Athletics Department at 305-275-3710.

Please note/Important:  To continue employment as a Part-Time coach after the expiration of the 3-year Athletic Coaching certificate; you must be eligible for the 5-year Athletic Coaching certificate.

5-year Athletic Coaching Certificate (non-renewable)

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Nine (9) semester hours in athletic coaching to include the following areas:
    Coaching theory
    Theory and practice of coaching a specific sport
    Care and prevention of athletic injuries and the effects and dangers of drug use including enhancing drugs.
    Once employed you may complete the courses through the M-DCPS/Athletics Department for more information contact them at 305-275-3710.
  • A valid cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course completion card or equivalent

If the above-mentioned requirements are not completed, BEC will not make the applicant eligible for the 5-year Athletic Coaching Certificate and will not issue another 3-year Athletic Coaching Certificate.  The 3-year Athletic Coaching certificate is a one-time only certificate.


  • Apply and pay online at   
  • Submit evidence of valid CPR card or equivalent
  • Submit official transcripts showing completion of the required nine (9) semester college credit hours in athletic coaching.

If the courses were completed through M-DCPS/Athletics Department, please request the submission of a CT-115 at 
***Application will not be processed until all items are received by BEC***


If there is a break in continuity between two 5-year certificate periods, additional fingerprints may be required.

As per FLDOE/BEC, the 5-year Athletic Coaching Certificate is not a renewable certificate. Consequently, each 5-year certificate application is considered an initial certificate application.  Therefore, the applicant must satisfy the specialization requirements that are in effect at the time of each application.


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