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    Prior to submitting an application for employment, you must first be
    eligible to teach and obtain a teaching certificate.

    ■ Distinguish between types of certificates and their
    ■ Learn the steps to apply for your initial teaching certificate.

    ■ Ensure you are preparing to meet Highly Qualified requirements.
    ■ Charter School Teachers

Current Teachers
    Make sure your certification(s) are up-to-date.
    ■ Transition from a Temporary to Professional Certification.
    ■ Learn the procedures for certificate renewals, add-ons, name
     changes, endorsements and duplicates

Charter School Teachers
    Charter Schools are fully recognized as public schools and
    therefore, all charter school teachers must adhere to the
    certification requirements detailed above (with the exception of
    District-issued certificates).
       If you are ready to search and apply for jobs        with us, get started now.


Mastery of General Knowledge
Paperless Florida Educator's Certificates
New Legislative (SB 1108) Requirements for
   Renewal of Professional Educator's Certificates

Elementary Education K–6 and General
    Knowledge Exams

Prekindergarten/Primary PK–3 Subject Area

Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum Subject

Additional Certification Resources

Certification Forms (Renewal, Waivers)

Florida Department of Education Certification

Testing information (General Knowledge, SAE)

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